Since 1973, arena has created and marketed waterwear products for competitive swimmers and swimming fans worldwide and is universally recognized as one of the premium brands of high-quality swimwear and equipment. Over the past 47 years, arena has developed strong expertise in creating best-in-class products with particular focus on the pool segment, while also expanding into leisure and beach wear. Today the arena brand has a presence in 116 countries around the globe. With direct representation in Italy, France, Germany/Austria and the United States, the group also employs a network of 37 qualified business partners in more than 100 countries, while the Japan-based Descente Ltd owns and manages the brand in 24 countries of the Far East. arena’s ties to the world of sport, and swimming in particular, are reinforced through sponsoring activities at different levels, including national federations, athletes and clubs. arena is technical sponsor and official supplier to many national swimming federations across the globe, including the United States, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Croatia, Norway, South Africa, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece and Estonia.

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