ANTOLOGIA  offers the refined, demanding customer three Italian collections with a high degree of attention to detail and style, meeting every need in terms of fit and size. LUISA VIOLA, or in other words plus sizes for plus women. A positive, cheerful message for a line specializing in Mediterranean sizes. A line that capitalizes on great fitting expertise, combined with fresh, commercial ideas. Offerings that relate to every moment during the day of a contemporary woman, who is looking first-and-foremost for a good fit, but with style and colour as well at an attractive price.DIANA GALLESI epitomizes “not just classic” fashion. Clothing a smart, elegant woman seeking a pretext - in the details too - for dressing up. Over the course of the years, Diana Gallesi has featured several of the most stylish Italian actresses and presenters as testimonials of its contemporary  classic appeal.PER TE BY KRIZIA stands out among Italian designers for having chosen to take on the “fuller” figure. A prestigious label targeting real women. Women for whom curves are a way of showing off their femininity.  “Per te by krizia” underlines the figure, bringing out the best in women through top quality style.All this is represented in ANTOLOGIA. A store that encapsulates the original Greek meaning of the word Anthology - a collection of flowers - in the colours and fragrances of fashion.

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